Mythos Edit

"Time is unending, constant and full of possibilities"
The Mythos Age was the beginning entry of history for the universe, where the stars were young and shining bright across the Black Abyss that encompassed worlds and celestial bodies that only awaited to be forged from nothingness.

The Creators were among the oldest beings of creation, roaming the universe spreading life among the cosmos; to represent order and life where they took step. The Creators were Nine Individuals, each of them responsible for the ordering of a planet and held meaning to their existence. They were the literal legacy of the Supreme Light

They traveled the universe, eventually coming upon and creating a world that would later be known as Allenia. The Creators would forge this world from nothingness, bringing forth great continents across its seas, enabling the world to be round and to have seasonal changes. This world was to be the first of many Edens that would inhabit the cosmos.

Allenia, the planet that would come to be and forever shall shine was forged though mystical forging and set forth to float as a beacon of life along the lifeless Black Abyss that the Creators were to recreate in their own image. From Chaos, would come Order; and from Order would come life.

Ultimately, the Creators would come into conflict with the Ravagers of Life, the countless abominations of Chaos that would see life exterminated in order to return the cosmos to its original state - Eternal Darkness.