The Supreme Light (Therell) represented the ultimate being of light (aka, Supreme God of Order) and was there at the beginning of time itself. His polar opposite was the primordial beast known as Eozur, whom learned from Therell many things before it became clear that Eozur was the ultimate being of Chaos (Aka Supreme God of Disorder)

Therell and Eozur fought for eons, and it was upon their final duel that lead to the state of the Black Abyss; their successors, the Creators and the Defilers would come into being and roam the universe to plague one another, ultimately starting the Great War that lead to mutual destruction yet again; as Light and Dark must remain into being for if one was to be without the other; complete oblivion would occur - Something the Defliers crave, utter darkness for them to thrive.

Therell is destroyed, but his legacy remains though the Creators and their creations across the universe in the eternal fight to secure Order.