The Creators, also known as The Forgers are a group of powerful gods who shaped and forged the world.

The Creators were lead by the Supreme Patron Aurialia (apx. Auriel) and were responsible for spreading life across the galaxy, but it would ultimately meet its greatest enemy and enter a war to decide the fate of all creation.

Members Edit

  • Aurialia (Leader) (Male)
  • Ordos (Male)
  • Terra (Female)
  • Kulios (Male)
  • Achena (Female)
  • Allen'ia (Female)
  • Amus (Male)
  • Tyrlios (Male)
  • Luara (Female

History Edit

Forging of the Cosmos Edit

Unknown to all, the Creators would come into being from the last wishes of the Light; Therell

While there is no hard evidence to prove that The Creators are even real, the architecture and artifacts left behind prove different. The myth goes that The Creators were birthed from nothing, but became beings of immense power, able to give life to barren empty worlds and destroy those who would take it. Many worlds were given life, and prospered under the watchful eyes of The Creators.

Decades passed as the worlds who were once granted life began to flourish. However, The Creators knew this peace and flourishing life would soon gain the attention of evil and so they prepared themselves to defend the newborn worlds with their lives.

The Rise of Chaos Edit

The Great War Edit

Legacy Edit

Trival Edit

The Worlds of Septiino and Allenia are the only two worlds known to have been built by the Creators during their time.

Only several of the Creators remain, after being betrayed by one of their own and destroyed by Eozur during the Eternal War over the Cosmos

The Creators, lead by Aurialia created nearly over a hundred worlds; with only Septiino and Allenia known to have survive the Darkness of Eozur